Stellenbosch Youth Employment

Bergzicht Training


Bergzicht Training is an HWSETA accredited skills development, non-profit organisation, offering market relevant training to the unemployed individuals of the Cape Winelands’ poorest communities. Bergzicht is addressing one of the most pressing needs facing South Africa currently, by combatting unemployment with market-related skills training in hospitality, health-, frail and child care. We also placement support to students post-graduation.

Bergzicht does not only equip beneficiaries with practical skills, but also focusses on the development of life skills which has been shown to significantly enhance the success of graduates in the workplace. To further ensure future success, Bergzicht provides relevant upskilling training and social development programmes.

Bergzicht has implemented a holistic development model where every student adheres to a deliberately crafted training process designed to foster independence. The Student Mentoring and Support Programme provides crucial support and mentoring throughout training and for 12 months thereafter to ensure retention of employment. The focus area for Bergzicht is self-leadership as a key departure point in developing individuals who are self-empowered and self-directed with a commitment to take responsibility for a better future for themselves and their communities. Over the last 29 years Bergzicht Training has changed the lives of more than 12 000 people and placed more than 76% of graduates in employment.


Foundation Programme: iPower Programme & Wilderness experience (17 days)

This is a foundational programme for students aimed at preparing them to advance to one of our three core programmes. The 17-day programme consists of life skills, housekeeping skills, basic kitchen skills and money management training. After successful completion students can progress to a 3-day Wilderness Experience to further strengthen the life skills component. After graduation, students get the opportunity to participate in the advanced training interview process of their choice.

Food Services Assistant Programme (10 weeks)

Bergzicht has partnered with the Chefs Training and Innovation Academy (CTIA) in Stellenbosch, offering a QCTO accredited basic cooking programme and basic service training. This has enabled our students to find employment in the hospitality industry for restaurants, wineries, catering & events companies, hotels and guest houses. The programme comprises of theoretical coupled with work integrated learning components. The training includes modules on introduction to the kitchen and the hospitality industry, food and cooking preparation methods, basic practical cooking, kitchen hygiene practices and basic FOH service.

The training duration is 10 weeks, with 7 weeks on-campus training at CTIA and 3 weeks Work Integrated Learning with our industry partners.  Additional subject matters such as basic nutrition, kitchen organisation and food safety are added in an iPower Basic Kitchen Skills module.

Health & Frail Care Programme (15 weeks)

This is an accredited Health & Welfare SETA (HWSETA) community health work skills programme including modules such as ethics of caring at health care centres and private homes, basic anatomy, caring for the patient’s environment, assistance with mobility of patients, personal care of patient, maintaining health and functionality, basic first aid, Baby and childcare,HIV/AIDS and Palliative care. The programme duration is 15 weeks of which 9 weeks are Work Integrated Learning (practical) training. Practical training is done at different contracted institutions such as specialist children’s hospitals, old age homes, retirement villages and hospices.  Students often obtain employment at the institutions where they complete their Work Integrated Learning. This programme is an extraordinarily successful employment initiative even during the COVID-19 pandemic with a rising demand for qualified Bergzicht carers.

Child Care Programme (13 weeks)

The programme duration is 13 weeks. Besides their theoretical training, our students also gain practical experience in the classroom and at educational institutions such as day care centres, schools and creches. One of the most empowering aspects of our training is that we teach students how to use recyclable materials during creative lessons. We also hold exhibitions after each programme to showcase the educational materials made by the students, when potential employers are invited. Our certified Child Care Programme covers topics such as: Child development (focus 0-3months old), Perception challenges,Creative activities, Candidate Preferred Area of Employment-appropriate literature for different stages of childhood development, Child abuse, School readiness, Baby care, Preparing a balanced meal, First Aid (level one 2-day accredited certificate) and a range of other related topics

Post-Graduation Programmes: Employability & Basic Computer Skills Programmes (5 days)

The holistic training model that Bergzicht Training developed shows the importance of beneficiaries having employability skills including basic vocational computer skills. These skills are lacking in beneficiaries when the time comes to successfully navigate an interview and retain employment. Even urban, younger beneficiaries might be skilled in social media and messaging services but have no training in basic computing and interview techniques.

The Employability Skills Programme duration is 5 days, and the modules are: CV writing, Interview Skills, Work & Social Media Etiquette, Basic Computer Skills. Employability skills are an integral component of the modern working world from training of soft skills, writing your CV, applying for employment to answering correspondence and handling inquiries from potential employers. A successful interview is the starting point to a career and retaining employment is dependent on a skilled, well rounded graduate with good work ethic.


Fransica Pondani